Athens Model Aircraft Club

AMA Charter Club Number 1009

Established in the 1970's, we have a beautiful flying field located in Greene County, Georgia. With over 300 acres of open airspace available, our runway spans 80 feet wide by 600 feet long running East to West. The land is owned by the Jack Curtis family, to whom we are very grateful. Our climate permits us to fly models year-round.


We welcome all current and prospective AMA members. To consider membership, come out and take at look at the field. The best time to meet our members is on weekend afternoons. Dues are $80 per year with no initiation fee (see our Bylaws for prorated rates). All club members must hold membership in good standing with the AMA and they must have an FAA registration number for their aircraft. Our club interests cover the whole range of RC possibilities, from smaller beginner aircraft to helicopters and 40% models. All models are required to meet the AMA safety regulations.